It’s an online world, and if you’re an artist, it can be tough to get noticed. Bunny has assembled an eclectic bunch of New Zealand artists, both established and new to the scene. You’ll spy some of your favourite talent along with a new generation of the cleverest artists we know. Bunny works direct with each and every artist and our goal is to bring you the best art they have to offer. We’re updating our ever growing website every day so if you can’t find ‘the one’ today, it may well be here tomorrow.

Bunny ART was established for six fundamental reasons:

  1. To offer original paintings of Aotearoa to people all over the world in an online space. 
  1. To offer a wide cross-section of works by emerging and established artists in one place: you know when you go to gallery you might get to see a few artists in one place – at bunny ART online the choice is very diverse and extensive.
  1. To provide a platform on which to replicate the school show: an opportunity for schools and other institutions to create a fundraising forum without all the kerfuffle of staging a show.
  1. Create a giving back function that allows the gallery and its artists to fund worthy activity  - maybe an art prize for a student or…
  1. Keep the artists sales commission below market rate by having low overheads. You know it costs a lot to house a physical gallery and can be the largest single expense a gallery faces, so while online gallery does have expenses (personnel, site management and advertising being two significant costs) the lack of display and storage allows us to keep commission lower than normal.
  1. Personally we wanted to create a space that complemented our physical gallery and the artists we represent by promoting works of all stripes, sizes, price points to the huge online art appreciating community.