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How do I know Bunny is real?

Bunny is an online ONLY gallery, and is backed by Mobile Art. All the art selected for Bunny has been carefully curated by our experts to provide you with a quality work. Being an online only gallery, we can keep costs down, commissions low and therefore our prices to you are pretty damn reasonable. Send us an email anytime and we will answer ASAP. If you’d like to talk to us, then one of our human helpers would be happy to chat with you on the phone.

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Can I make contact before I commit to purchasing an artwork?

Yes. Of course you can. In the first instance we would prefer an email to Gillian who manages day to day or you can call the 0800 listed on the site and talk to Michael.

Can I return the art if I don’t like it?

Absolutely. Bunny has a seven day no questions asked return policy. We are happy with that.

How much is shipping?

Deliveries within New Zealand are FREE

If you’d like your art sent to an overseas address, please get in touch and when we have a few more details, we will calculate the additional shipping costs and add them to your invoice. Shipping charges will include insurance and delivery to your door, but it is the buyers responsibility to pay for any international custom/import fees and taxes applicable to their country. 

Is payment secure?

Payment is as secure as we can make it – card, paypal or direct pay. Whatever system you choose to use, you will immediately receive a receipt for your purchase. 

How long will my art take to arrive?

In about a week from the time of ordering.

Will my art be insured while it is on the courier?

Yes it will! Bunny will insure all artworks while they are travelling. If Fluffy the dog chews the corner of the art before you hang it on the wall, not so much.

I live in a treehouse on Stewart Island. Can Bunny deliver to me?

As long as you have an actual address (boats don’t count) Bunny will deliver FREE anywhere in New Zealand. 

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Bunny. Hop to it.