Toni Kingstone



My work is largely inspired by nature - I create peaceful representations that the viewer can connect with emotionally, drawing them into place of calm contemplation, perhaps a subtle memory that holds special significance.

 I began painting in 2016 and have been a full time artist since 2019. Self-taught, creativity has always been a core value in my life and I enjoy working in a range of mediums and styles to keep my work fresh and evolving. Here on Bunny you might encounter surreal landscapes with hidden elements, impressionist style sunsets and silhouettes and a range of abstract work in fluid acrylic and resin.

 I’m currently focussing on my ‘Horizon’ series, fluid acrylic and resin seascapes that celebrate Aotearoa and the magic light of dawn and dusk. I begin with a concept and am initially led by the flow of the paint itself; then as an image evolves, guiding the medium with intuitive action painting, adding and removing elements with a palette knife and brush to achieve the desired vision. Essentially abstract, the viewer may see my original idea but can also interpret their own mind’s unique creation. Each painting is finished with a lustrous coat of resin, causing the metallic colours to shimmer as they catch the light, lending the illusion of sunlight sparkling on sand and water. Resin magically releases the vibrancy of the reflective pigments, bringing a depth to the finished work that is often very difficult to capture on camera and can only be fully appreciated when viewed in person.

 Exhibiting since 2016, my paintings and limited edition prints can be found in the homes of collectors and art lovers both here in NZ and internationally.