Toni Kingstone


Primarily inspired by nature, I aim to lead the viewer to a place of calm contemplation, not only of the world around us but also regarding social issues and the human condition. My main body of work employs the blending of fluid acrylics, metallic pigments and resin to create flowing, abstract seascapes and landscapes that celebrate the natural environment and the mystical light of dusk and dawn.

A belief that art should bring pleasure but also induce thought has led to my recent progression into the style of Magical Realism. By presenting objects of reality or the mundane within a magical context, my goal is to bring a New Zealand flavour to this art movement by adding detail to draw focus to the everyday; exploring the emotional response to situations and surroundings but expressed within fantastical dream-like landscapes that ground the subjects.

Beginning with a concept I’m initially led by the flow of the paint itself - guiding the direction with intuitive ‘action’ painting, then adding or removing elements with additional paint, palette knife or brushwork until achieving my desired vision. Essentially abstract, the viewer may see the original idea but can also interpret their own mind’s unique creation.Each painting is finished with a lustrous top coat of Liquid Glass Art Resin which brings the reflective pigments to life, lending the illusion of sunlight sparkling on sand and water, amplifying the colours and conveying a depth to the finished work that is revealed when light plays across the surface.

I have shown my work in a range of art shows and exhibitions throughout the country and my paintings and limited edition prints can be found in the homes of collectors and art lovers both here in NZ and internationally.