Samwell Warren

I am a Wellington based ‘hobby artist’ dealing in the medium of up-cycled and recycled New Zealand Timbers and Resin.

Three years ago outside my regular 9 to 5 job as a water resources scientist I took a break from my hobby at the time (making costumes and props) to create gifts and small artworks from recycled timbers for friends and colleagues. After showcasing some of this work more widely, it wasn’t long before I realised that this would be a creative outlet that others appreciated as much as I did.

Working full time provides me the freedom (albeit lack of time) to explore new ideas and mediums, and create works inspired by things I see while out and about in New Zealand. Many of these are off the cuff and without a destined home while being created. As such, my style and techniques have evolved significantly over the past three years.

Since pursuing the medium of recycled timber and resin, I have exhibited at the New Zealand Art Show, the Christchurch Art Show and the Art Expo Nelson. I have also been exhibiting pieces in Blenheim and at a gallery in New Plymouth. For each place I exhibit, I like to create region inspired pieces. For Taranaki I mainly create Mt Taranaki inspired works, a place that I love to visit.

In 2019 I was one of the top 10 artists at the Christchurch Art Show and will be exhibiting a piece there in 2020, as part of the People’s Choice Awards.