Ron Hall

Ron Hall has been an artist and art educator for the last twenty years. This award winning artist has had numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the North Island.

Highlights of Ron’s career have included his gaining a Master of Fine Arts degree, being judged as overall winner by Barry Lett in the open section of the Molly-Morpeth Awards and the inclusion of his work in a public art collection. Artist Talk

His involvement in education includes the moderation of Masters Degree and Diploma students in the tertiary sector, and being a visiting tutor at Christchurch College of Education in the department of Visual Arts.

Ron is most known for his formalist art assemblages containing beehive boxes, tea boxes and other industrial materials.  A technique that Ron developed as part of his thesis for his Master’s Degree in 2000.

Ron Hall believes we underrate the cultural and aesthetic value of ordinary things—familiarity dulls our senses. His works of art involve the assemblage of discarded industrial materials sourced from the New Zealand cultural heartland, revealing particular aspects of who we are.

Ron’s assemblages are stored, cut, arranged and joined in his studio in Te Aroha.  These assemblages are a celebration of the unexpected beauty and cultural traces, found in discarded industrial waste.
Barry Lett said about Hall’s work in the Bay Weekender January 27th 2001, “It has a very contemporary sense of surface – a mix of rough and subtle, a mix of technological and down on the farm.”