Mark Greenfield

My name is Mark Greenfield, I am a self taught artist based in One tree Hill Auckland.

I was born in the UK in 1958 and emigrated to New Zealand with my wife and 3 year old son in 1997.

We love the country, scenery and the beaches here, just before we emigrated our son was diagnosed with Leukemia and we spent the next 6 years in the Starship hospital cancer ward having chemo and radiotherapy , those were tough and stressful years but he survived and after a cord blood transplant he is now a healthy 30 year old man.

I only started to paint in the early 2000’s just to relax and destress myself from those years , it wasn’t until 2005 that I thought hang on a minute I can paint! People commented on my artwork and really liked it and so I began to sell a few pieces.

I now work using Acrylic on framed board and canvas, my initial topics were landscapes and beach scenes but now I have expanded my themes to NZ flora and forna, animal portraits, Art Deco, Endangered wildlife through to Abstract, all my artwork is painted from the heart, I love to put a lot of detail and expression and emotion too into my paintings.

All my work is original, hand brushed and blended with no airbrushing used, they are sealed with satin varnish or resin, signed and ready to hang and enjoy.