Marina De Wit

I am a self-taught fine art nature photographer and a dreamer at heart.
My camera is my paintbrush, and together with natural light, composition and blur, I share my vision, through the lens. My ultimate goal is to have my photographs look and feel like classical art work that transports the viewer to a nostalgic place of mystery and romance.
I draw inspiration from the Dutch Golden age and the Old Masters Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh’s use of rich colours and textures and take great care to capture the essence of my subjects; especially those little intricacies that are so easily overlooked or often considered flaws. Childhood memories of my grandmother's garden, discovering sweeping African landscapes and wild oceans continue to shape how I capture the beauty of the natural world.
I often remind myself that we’re an infinite product of where we’ve been, and as such I name the majority of my floral images after the many women, past and present, who continue to inspire me.
I give back to my community and have volunteered my artistic talent during Breast Cancer Awareness month and for various mental health fundraisers.
I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand and love searching for inspiration in the Botanical Gardens, Cornwall Park, Auckland Domain Wintergardens or the beautiful Eden Garden.

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