Janice Napper

Janice Napper is a contemporary NZ multi-media artist. From her studio in St Heliers, Auckland she utilises a rich high gloss palette to generate distinctively vibrant artworks.

She was one of the early adopters of resin and gel coat when they were still only available as industrial products. The fluidity of her captivating works exudes a confidence from this self-taught artist pushing her mediums to the limit.

Like many she draws her subject matter from living things often with the detail stripped away and reflecting the essence of things New Zealand. However an increasingly large portion of her work is now devoted to her love of abstract and form. 

Her background in advertising is evident in her cutting-edge creative ideas coupled with a strong understanding of design and composition. Janice’s constantly evolving artworks 

have gained increased recognition both here in Aotearoa and Internationally and is keenly sought after by domestic and corporate clients.


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