Constance Fein Harding

Constance Fein Harding is a creative fine art photographer who uses  photography as her medium.  

Inspired by the Old Masters and Impressionists she uses a variety of methods  to achieve painterly works. 

Some works begin with impressionist camera techniques, which helps soften  the edges of the subject and is a step to help create that painterly feel to her  images. 

She then layers her images with textures, using a library of photos she has  taken for the purpose of blending, until the desired result is achieved.  

Sometimes she has a set idea of where she wants the artwork to go, and  sometimes she just enjoys the journey. 

Constance lives by the sea in Napier, Hawke’s Bay. She has works in several  galleries, including Tennyson Gallery, Napier, The Art Shed at Crab Farm,  Napier and Artel Gallery, Otaki.

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