Clare Woods

Clare Woods is an intuitive abstract artist based in Matakana and in Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand.

 She has always painted and has vivid memories of bright colours and patterns spilling over walls from painting windows as a child.

 It is that freedom to be creative that lead to a successful career in design. Having studied various art forms, Clare majored in graphic design which lead to art direction for several leading advertising agencies. In 1999 Clare started her own design company and began specialising in childrens book design.

 Clare has explored many mediums including clay, printing and fibre art. She now predominantly paints in acrylics on canvas and often incorporates mediums such as pencil, crayon or pastel in her mark making. Clares work gets messy. There may be drips, there may be spills, there may be texture, there may be fluff, there may be bubbles. There will be perfect imperfection. There will be life and there is always love.

 She uses techniques such as complex layering and mark making to tell an underlining story. This is often over painted with a ‘petticoat’ of shapes or windows. Through the windows in the petticoat, the complex layering can be seen and experienced as a pocket of colour and pattern.

This top or petticoat layer, is designed with no intention of what to keep or what to discard and each shape acts as an artwork all its own. The final work is a gallery.

 Similar marks and shapes, such as the arch, repeat in her work and compose a unique signature style. A fingerprint of pools, paths and flora. Nature is often a source of inspiration, as in her Floribunda series. 

 Clares work is joyful and colourful with the intention of giving a gift with each viewing.