Brenda Clews

I love art, lots of art. I love my art - the process, the learning, the wins, the way it makes me feel when my art is hung on some else's wall and on our walls here at home.  Home is my husband and our three beautiful kids in One Tree Hill, Auckland.  Auckland, it's where I grew up doodling and drawing.

 When my children came along I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with our children and the doodling turned into a love of painting.  Painting is something that takes practice, a lot of practice!  I've learnt so much about myself through my art practice. It continues to teach me patience, calm and balance.  

My paintings are mostly sold through the wonderful platform of social media, art shows, a few galleries and here on my website.  I hope you enjoy the gallery here which has been built up over years and that you connect with the work I pour my heart and soul into daily.

I am fortunate to have work exhibited in galleries at Art on Tyne, Oamaru & The Mandarin Tree, Gordonton as well as at the Little Luscious Cafe in Ellerslie.