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Helping schools fundraise with NZ art.

Bunny Art online was established to help kiwi schools replicate the school art show fundraiser without the kerfuffle of staging a full art show.

“If you are a school or community organisation looking for a dynamic way to raise funds then BunnyART fundraising could be really helpful for you.  At BunnyART 10% of every purchase using the unique Bunny ‘code’ comes directly to your organisation.” Says Diana, Curation Director, BunnyART

How it works

Simple. Once your school signs up with BunnyART you receive a unique Bunny code. When your code is applied to any sale through BunnyART your school receives 10% of the purchase price. An artwork that sells for $2,000 to one of your parents will automatically generate $200 for your school. Too easy.

When can your school start?

Bunny Art runs the fundraising programme all the time. Your school can set parameters, for instance run a contemporary art fundraiser for a month, or run your fundraising programme on an ongoing basis.

What is BunnyART?

Bunny is a digital online art gallery space that showcases a wide array of Aotearoa’s contemporary artists work in a collective environment. It has been online since November 2020 and now presents the carefully curated works of 34 talented Kiwi artists.

Giving back to the community

BunnyART has developed a  fundraising mechanism for schools and other worthwhile organisations where 10% of any sale coded to your school goes directly to your fundraising effort.

This is helpful for everyone: it’s great for your parents, club members, stakeholders as they get to select from some excellent kiwi artwork while supporting your organisation. It’s useful for your organisation – a simple no fuss online fundraising opportunity. It’s great for the artists as they contribute to your cause and gain exposure for their work.

Win win win.

BunnyART - Supporting the Artists of Aotearoa

Artists whos’ work is represented on BunnyART benefit from the exposure they receive on the site (over 3,000 visitors a month) and at the same time artists get to support your schools’  fundraising programme.

Bunny in turn supports its artist with a very low sales commission and the annual give back process.

Art and Schools

School Art Shows have been around for decades. It’s a wonderfully mutually supportive fundraising and community engagement institution. Art shows provide a great platform for fundraising and they help to encourage a sense of shared community for the schools’ stakeholders and their friends.

They are also a whole lot of work.

Bunny Art Fundraising takes all the slog out of your schools fundraising effort and at the same time  this simple programme allows parents to contribute to the school fundraising effort. At the same time they get to support New Zealand artists by placing a meaningful piece of art on their wall.

In  the Background

Diana and Michael who own and operate Mobile Art Gallery (established 1974) began BunnyArt Online in 2020. 

Bunny Art Online was created to achieve three core outcomes

  • Support emerging artists to gain exposure and sales of their work
  • Offer schools and other community organisations an art focused fundraising opportunity
  • Contribute a small portion of every sale to a give-back to artists’ fund. 

 Other motivations include:

  • Present artworks of Aotearoa in an online only gallery – accessible to all
  • Keep the commission to artists higher than a land based gallery can offer
  • Present a very wide range of works in one dedicated space – a true showcase

Mobile Art offers quality contemporary art to organisations and individuals who are interested in benefiting from the opportunity to  of hire art for their offices or home.

This focus drives Mobile Art to curate works and artists that are most suitable for larger spaces and works most suited to long term hire.

BunnyART seeks out a much broader artistic approach and so far through careful curation has developed a group gallery space for 34 contemporary artists. Photo:

Hop to it!
Your school has nothing to lose and so much to gain. Join the BunnyART fundraising programme today. Get your code, inform your parents, staff, community leaders, garner their support and begin  raising funds for that all important project or event.

Hop to it.

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