Width: 60cm

Height: 91cm

Depth: 3.7cm

Media: Mixed media on canvas, unframed

Artist comment - 

Vibrant Petals: NZ Floral Painting is an original painting that I experimented with my style.   I  thought a more contemporary floral piece might be nice to try.

I had to produce an exhibition under an abstract style so hence this floral painting evolved.  The flowers are based off a camellia flower.

It was a rather quick piece to produce but I really felt in the flow whilst doing this painting.  I love the colours together with the addition of the gold foil and the ink.

I absolutely love using gold in my more abstract/contemporary works of art.  This influence stems from the artist Klimt and I just love his use of gold in all of his paintings.  Furthermore my signature brings in that influence as well as a vast majority of paintings (where it allows) are signed in gold pen.