Width: 60cm round

Depth: 2cm

Media: Acrylic, unframed

Artist comment - 

Whilst visiting Auckland (one of the biggest cities in New Zealand) I took this shot across the harbour looking back at the city.  I loved the rusty railing in the front of the majestic city.

The challenge was to paint very fine details into the buildings and to keep the perspective correct.  Also it was a major endeavour to get all of the boats in and looking realistic.

My family and I don't often travel to the big smoke of Auckland.  When we do we really love heading around all of the lovely bays and seeing all of the moored sailing boats.  It is a beautiful city to visit with beautiful beaches and fabulous cafes and restaurants.  Something on offer for everyone!

I really love all of the colours in this piece and particularly enjoy working on round paintings.  It seems to be a canvas shape that I am drawn to rounds and squares.