Tina Ross


Art has always been a happy hobby for me, occasionally a smouldering ember and at other times a raging blaze of creativity.

I was fortunate to be encouraged by a couple of outstanding teachers who had a great effect on my artistic journey.

Previous experience in the printing, photographic and interior decor industries have all helped with measurement, colour, composition and an understanding of design elements. These have also contributed to my desire to paint.

My original art is a culmination of life experiences and the journey in which I am proud to call my own. These contemporary paintings can take many directions before the final product emerges.

My abstract and landscape paintings are built on a layering process of both colour and texture, experimentation and mood.

I grew up in a small town in the Wairarapa before moving to Wellington, then Christchurch and now Auckland is my home. Outside of my art interests, I love to walk, enjoy good wine, food and the company of friends