Andrea Robinson

My name is Andrea and I am an artist living in New Zealand.  

Creating artwork is as important to me as the air that I breathe. It is the language I use to tell my story, to celebrate nature, and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

 I have a varied approach to my work.  I love many styles and mediums and my messages are more important than using the same approach to my work.  From stylised realism to illustration, I love it all!

Some of my artworks are based on what I see in the natural environment, and some are from my imagination – this way I can create worlds of beauty and activism, which I hope will create cultural conversations around our environment.  I love celebrating nature, so I also paint our natural environment to inspire and uplift viewers which I hope will give a feeling of hope and joy.

You will find my artwork exhibiting in galleries and shows around New Zealand, and I regularly have artwork exhibiting in on-line international galleries and shows.  I am proudly a member of several organisations, I have had a number of articles published, and I am humbled to have won several awards.

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